Xiang Xinying

Memory. 2018 oil on canvas 180x150cm 2018

Space N.1 watercolor 20x30cm 2019

Space N.2 Watercolor 30x50cm 2019

Respiration oil on canvas 120x90cm 2020


The body-space series I want to express the various oppressions faced by Chinese women under the globalization of capital. This oppression comes not only from society but also from the family.
Human existence is multi-dimensional and multi-constructed. We as human not only an existent of time dimension, but also an existent of space dimension. The space that interests me is that where people live in, which is neither the space of general physical attributes nor the space of a single human spirit, but rather a space of social stipulation and social attributes. Therefore, space is not a simple, mechanical, passive activity background or environment for human existence. Space and human existence are intrinsically related and mutually shaped.

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